The Suicide Lounge are an irreverent musical trio from Fresno, CA, featuring Joy Mohler on vocals, R.P. (Robert Paul) on piano & vocals, and Nate Butler on bass & vocals. They specialize in Classic Standards and Contemporary Irregulars, mixing solemn ballads with irreverently funny novelty songs. Prepare to laugh, prepare to cry, and prepare to order another round and stay later than you thought you should.  The can now hear & download the new album “The Pop That Offends” from BandCamp at:


“… a show sprinkled with deft musicianship, comic flair and a dose of irreverence …”

“Joy has the most beautiful voice, and such incredible style – in her interpretation and her stage presence – and her version of “Lush Life” is to die for … it’s quite lovely to see how they combine drop-dead cool with humour.” — Mia Paschal

“Fantastic musicianship and easy-going natural talent make this a show in which you can relax with confidence that these folks are going to touch you with their music — whether it’s something bawdy and fun, or something deep and heartfelt.” – Blake Jones

What some people said about The Suicide Lounge’s Rogue Festival 2010 shows:

jenne says: “Suicide Lounge is always a must see! They have it all … witty, talented … funny … soulful … you won’t be dissappointed!”

Brad says: “Suicide Lounge is always a good bet. Great musicians and unique act.”

TC says: “A very entertaining show. Funny, great interaction of the people, with each other and the audience. Love the music, vocals and musicians. Well worth it.”

Stephen says: “I’ve now seen them again, and have to assert that Suicide Lounge has changed and themed their show especially for the Rogue this year. I’ve taken some guff for criticizing performers who aren’t doing anything new or innovative/special for the Rogue fest, and need to share that Suicide Lounge IS doing something new. Every show will be new, actually, since the audience gets to pick from their Whine List, essentially creating a fresh set list each show. The set was especially good tonight, shifting effortlessly from lilting and haunting beauty from Joy’s voice to ironic and belly-laugh asides from R.P. to one particular section of a tune where Nate just put on ‘that look,’ a stare of sorts that cracked up crowd and performers alike. Really enjoyable and complete show tonight … My favorite is their rendition of local musician Blake Jones’ song [“Your Sad Party Dress”], a mix of theatre-musical and lovely performance piece, really well delivered by Joy and her boys. … Oh, must mention the lighting and sight lines and sound quality at Veni’s is EXCELLENT! Kudos there!”

What some people said about The Suicide Lounge’s Rogue Festival 2009 shows:

Carl & Kathryn Johnsen (Pipe on the Hob) says: “We enjoyed these fine musicians last year. They were definitely one of our favorites. Last year we got to pick the categories and they picked the songs, which led to a very fun and varied show. I can hardly wait to see what they will do this year.”

Mia Paschal says: “This trio is amazing – all so very talented, and they are perfectly matched in terms of rapport and stylistic range. I loved their performance last year, and I’m sure that once again they’ll present a show that is both beautiful and fun.”

J.r Mann says: “The Suicide Lounge was awsome. The best show I have seen all year. Comedy AND music. You can’t beat The Suicide Lounge. I have never seen three people fit together so perfectly. They will make headlines next year!”

Stephen says: “This trio is as schizophrenic as Gemma’s 20-character one act. From lusty lounge singing to frenetic campy songs, to the risque to covers of hard rock songs delivered with lilting and smooth style. The banter is funny and quick-witted, and Joy is as lovely to look at as can be … I really like this set of shows for a Cafe Venue. It’s a TERRIFIC cafe act, and I’d love for them to become mainstays in some smoky lounge somewhere, with Joy mixing her torch songs with the funny stuff, R.P. riffing along on the keys and with the comedy, and Nate’s innate ability to play while entertaining. The musicianship is really great here.”

Annette Ash says: “My daughter and I had to see your show again last night after seeing you last year. Joy has an incredible voice, and has just the right touch to play off Nate and Robert, two amazing musicians. As seasoned musicians, your uncanny play on, “What ever comes to mind” in your comic, warped humor, is just what the doctor (bartender) ordered.”

What some people said about The Suicide Lounge’s Rogue Festival 2008 shows:

“If you enjoy a show sprinkled with deft musicianship, comic flair and a dose of irreverence, you’ll want to catch a performance by Suicide Lounge.” — Felicia Matlosz 3/1/08

“Joy has the most beautiful voice, and such incredible style – in her interpretation and her stage presence – and her version of “Lush Life” is to die for. …Plus, it’s quite lovely to see how they combine drop-dead cool with humour! A show to see.” — Mia Paschal 3/8/08

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  1. Terry Says:

    I saw them last Saturday nite at … the ROGUE FESTIVAL — their — BOND (hush — look all around you) Show………..WOWZA! It was GREAT!!!! The tunes, the suspense, the humor the … ?????????? The audience … They nailed ‘em … with music … drama … laughter … interruptions … They did the unexpected … Then … they broke into oldies from their menus of requests! Such POSITIVE entertainment for ALL!

    Posted on March 3rd, 2009 at 10:43 pm

  2. Jeff Says:

    I saw your performance a month or so ago for Joy’s birthday and tonite I saw your show for Nate’s birthday. Both were awesome!!!!

    Joy is sex appeal personified, and the other two are unique in their own right. Keep up the good work!

    Posted on August 22nd, 2009 at 11:45 pm

  3. Dyar Says:

    Robert Paul was my high school music teacher. I am now currently trapped in another dimension. Oh yeah, when I saw The Suicide Lounge during the Rogue Festival, they were great.

    Posted on August 31st, 2009 at 8:48 pm

  4. Jr Mann Says:

    Just finished watching the very best performance of my life… 4 1/2 hours of Nate Butler solo entertainment… I love the suicide lounge!! This is the most unique group of professional musicians you will ever hear!

    Posted on March 6th, 2011 at 2:30 am

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